Author’s circus

The main subject of the last research is marginality and its philosophical, political and social treatment in actual society.

We believe that there are crude and at the same time profound and poetic examples in marginality, which speak to us about culture, society and humanity… About us. It is in this marginality that the universe of our show is born, as well as in the relationship between the “ordinary members” of the society. The marginal, the social exclusion, in the context of this creation, it is not intented to be approached from a complaint issue or from an attempt to scenically portray a specific sector of marginality.

The focus is on what is energetic and dramatic in the margins of the socially accepted norm. We will deal with the (in)potence and (in)possibility of the marginal to exist, voluntary or by force, in the welfare state (or normality) as a power that accumulates in shomething that is about to happen or explode in a context.

We wonder what happens in the collective imagination when we absolutly ignore what is outside the boundaries of the standard. Probably, fear and intense demonization. But, on the other hand, we believe that fear also coexists with fascination, even absolute veneration for the characteristics that surround marginal universes.

We are interested in the intermediate space, what is possible in an unexpected way in the tension between fascination and fear.


PSIRC Company was born in 2011. After the shows LAB, Three and Let go, they created Acrometria, which toured Europe and Latin America for seven years, in 12 countries and more than 200 performances. The project was recognized with the Night Shows Award at FETEN 2016; the Freiburger Leiter Award for the Best Show in the Street in Kulturbörse Freiburg 2016; the award for the Zirkolika Best New Campaign 2012 and the Applause to the Emerginf Creation FAD 2013. Acrometria is also one of the recommended shows by the catalog of the Spanish Network of Public Theaters.

In april 2018, PSIRC presented My name is Hor. Played by Wanja and Adrià, and directed by Rolando San Martín, the show explores new scenic routes, introducing new tehniques and new lenguages. Co-produced by Mercat de les Flors, with the support of the european project De Mar a Mar, in residence at La Central del Circ (resident project (2017/19). My name is Hor has been scheduled at the Fira de Tàrrega, the Teatro Español, the Teatro Circo in Múrcia, the At.tension Festival in Berlin and L’Européenne de Cirques in Toulouse.

At the same time, we participated in the Tender Napalm project, produced by Sixto Paz, in which the company gave movement to the stage.

The team

Circus artist, performer and author

After finishing Phisiotherapy studies, Adrià started training in Escola de Circ Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona, and later in different european schools. In 2011 cofounded PSIRC Company and created L.A.B. and Tres shows; and then, Acrometria (2013), a project with which they travel throughout Europe during seven years. In 2017, he was part of the artistic team of Tender Napalm, in collaboration with Sixto Paz company, within the Grec Festival in Barcelona. In april 2018, worked in El meu nom és Hor project with Wanja Kahlert, coproduced by Mercat de les Flors, and opened in Circ d’ara mateix Festival. Currently, he also is part of the artistic team of Desdèmona, with Alba Sarraute and les Ofèlies.

Circus artist

Formed in Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona and Flic in Torino, and specialized in acrobatic portés and mastil, she’s established in Barcelona and started working in PSIRC Company, with which she created her first show, Acrometria. At the same time, she had worked in different projects with Cia. Animal Religion, Circ Teatre Modern, Los Galindos and the director Roberto Magro in his last creation Silenzio. Currently, she begins his second creation with PSIRC Company. She is teaching Chinese hanger lessons in Escola de Circ Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona, in Scuola di Circo Flic in Torino, in Circus University of Sweeden and Cronopis Circus Association in Mataró (Barcelona). She begins to do artistic accompaniments and co-direction works in novice catalan companies as Madame Gaüc, Cia. nom provisional, Cia. mov-i-ments and Maria Garriga. She is part of the artistic team of Desdèmona, with Alba Sarraute and les Ofèlies.

Circus artist, performer, author, playwright, puppeter, technical supporter and nothing.

Wanja finished his intesive training in 2011, but learning is a path that never ends. He is formed as a hand-to-hand carrier, in aereal canvas and as object manipulator in Escola de Circ Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona and Buenos Aires. In 2011, co-founded PSIRC Company, created Acrometria show and started an international tour through Europe and Latin America. In 2016 is part of the Circ i Dansa training cycle, a project born from the collaboration between La Central del Circ and Mercat de les Flors. From 2016 to 2018 created the second company show: El meu nom és Hor, co-produced and opened in Mercat de les Flors. In 2017, he’s part of the artistic team of Tender Napalm, a project born from the collaboration between PSIRC and Sixto Paz. Since 2017 he is part of the artistic team of Silenzio and since december 2018, he is part of NU, in the 23rd Circ d’hivern de l’Ateneu de 9 Barris. He is part of the collaborated creation betweenPSIRC and Tono Carbajo, Sobre Marges i Manipulacions, an initiative of Lo Pati, Centre d’Art.

Artist, constructor and circus technician

After his Industrial Engineering studies, he began in the world of circus in Escola Rogelio Rivel. With and extense experience in the circus sector, he worked in multiple catalan companies and international festivals. Manipulator technician and actor in the Fòrum de les cultures show El Gegant dels 7 Mars in Barcelona; actor and thecnical in Tingalia, Zootropo and BARRA shows of Antigua Barbuda; regidor and chief of assembling structures at Trapezi Festival in Reus. He is also in charge of the construction of sets, circus apparatus and tents for: Escarlata Circ, Pulsa control-Z, Cia Daraomai, Vol a qui vol, Cia. Transit dansa, Circ d’hivern – Limbus, Tub d’assaig 7,70, Los corderos, Nats Nuts, Circo Paniko, Circo Oxidado, Circ Cric, Le colporteurs, Festival 1,2,3, pallasso and Baró d’Evel. Co-founder of Circ Teatre Modern with his own tent. He has worked with Animal Religion Company in Chicken Legs and TAUROMAQUINA, and he worked in the production of Udul with Los Galindos. In 2013 he joined PSIRC as lighting and sound thecnician and returns to the scene with its latest project Després de tot.