After all.

A nice saga that goes bad.

The new show of Cia. Psirc is the story of a community trying to survive on the outside of civilization, a landscape that Google would probably place in the ends of the earth.

Circus in

Contemporary and personal circus.
We work on new challenges and explore new perspectives.

After all

The company’s new art project explores the literary genre of the sagas and offers an analogous stage format. They do an exhaustive and contemporary work about circus drama, positioning it as one of the main research centers, playing with different lenguages and exploring its narrative capacity. After all, a tragicomedy that imagines a future from which we can look and read our present.

My name is Hor

Through the body, risky acrobatics, unfinished puppets, objects, surrealism and the disturbing game of light and shadow directed with a luminophone, My name is Hor tells a story based on real events: a journey to an unknown cave full of humor and beautiful and sinister images that beats directly in the unconscious of the audience.


Acrometria is the story of a disturbing encounter. In the scene, the hearts shows is expressed between the acrobatics and the poetry. In a fews minutes, the trio transports us to their own espectacular, funny, light and deep universe. Acrometria studies distance between the psyque and infinite realities.

Portada de l'espectacle "Acrometria"
Instant de l'espectacle "El meu nom és Hor"


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