In fact, the mattress was delivered the day it was due.

company reviews uss

Uss Express LLC is an international logistic company that makes delivery of goods from US stores fast, cheap, and safe. At the completion of each job, we like to ask our customers to review their experience with United Structural Systems. Read what some of our satisfied customers are saying about our foundation repair, waterproofing, and concrete leveling work.

company reviews uss

We received an email the day before delivery was due saying that the delivery would be 2 weeks later. In fact, the mattress was delivered the day it was due. This kind of miscommunication should be cleared up. Well, it’s been 6 weeks since the auto claim was filed with USAA.. And as of today, not one thing has been fixed on my car since USAA is still going back & forth with Lee’s garage an authorized and very experienced MB auto shop.

Fair Review

I had a great experience and most importantly I get heard from the US mattress salesman. He had great recommendations and gave me my space while deciding what I wanted.

company reviews uss

Unfortunately I had a terrible experience this time around and I felt the salesperson was pushing me to buy uss express work from home higher than my price range. I left disappointed and discouraged but went to US Mattress the next morning.

Satisfied With The Employment

We apologize that the delivery agent rescheduled your delivery multiple times! We are happy to hear that you did finally receive delivery! Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you for taking the time to submit this review! We are VERY sorry for the delivery issues!

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  • On average, USAA policyholders pay between $600 and $1,500 annually for their car insurance premiums.
  • Before towing the car, they said it was not totalled and was going to be looked at.
  • On the day of scheduled delivery, I would be notified via text that the delivery has been rescheduled.
  • They were knowledgeable, went beyond our expectations and it was a great experience.
  • The ordering process was easy and the customer support is great.

Get buying tips about Car Insurance delivered to your inbox. Got in a car accident May 6th and it is now July 2nd. NOTHING has been done with my vehicle because USAA cannot send an adjuster.

Frequently Asked Questions About United Structural Systems

Overall I ended up buying my mattress that day and I am so glad. I felt good giving my business to someone who deserved it and was not pushy. US-Mattress is an online mattress and bedroom furniture retailer that offers discounted prices and free shipping. The website carries many popular brands and provides resources for finding the right mattress online.

Uss Express Reviews

I waited 3 hours at home only to be notified that the delivery time has been moved. As 30 yr, $7,000/yr premium USAA auto insurance customers, we don’t feel at all represented by USAA in recent auto accident & it’s Not the first time. Thankfully there weren’t any real injuries, thus the reason Los Angeles police refused uss express work from home to respond after being called by both drivers. Unfortunately lone Hispanic driver in 16 yr old truck is claiming some injuries now and has lawyered up accordingly. Can’t imagine what would happen to us if there were any REAL injuries. USAA representation is lazy and lacking, unacceptable when we need them most.

Uss Express Llc Is An International Logistic Company That Makes Delivery Of Goods From Us Stores Fast, Cheap, And Safe

I would probably use this company again but they have to sort out the delivery/logistics company. OMG….the ‘zero gravity’ setting in the motion base is amazing! My wife and I asked ourselves “how could we live without a motion base for so long? ” Undoubtedly our investment will pay off dividends every night for a long time.

The company offers live-chat customer service, free shipping, in-home trials and refunds for items returned within a week. Its price-matching guarantees the lowest prices. Not to discuss details of the accident, but I was parked and the other driver hit me head-on at low speed. Driver fully admits fault and has told her insurance company. Yet I sit here 6 weeks since the accident with no car and still dealing with USAA daily.

Nice Job For Beginners

Removed me from the rental car and now my job is at risk. Worry-free shipping – Uss Express guarantees to transport your items safe, if not, you’ll get a 100% refund.

When I call my sales person, David, he was extremely helpful in trying to track things down. U.S. mattress had indeed canceled the pillow and did not notify me nor did they reorder. It has been two and a half months, and I still do not have the pillow.

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