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Professional, transparent & easy to work with. Shipment was delivered in a timely manner without any issues. The service was extremely helpful making the whole process a breeze. Top that with the great prices and how quick everything was; well worth five stars. “I quickly realized that I wanted CS uss express reviews as my primary partner when I was in need because they never took a “one size fits all” approach to me as a candidate. Also, as time has gone on and my career has advanced, CS has been able to present me with opportunities that were suited for the level of qualifications I brought to the table.

  • I work with clients bringing products into the United States, and US marketers bringing products to other countries.
  • These case studies provide even more information on how we add value for our client’s businesses worldwide.
  • I told my supervisor of a problem I was having, I made it up according to him.
  • As a Supply Chain Manager we are always looking for a tailored program to meet our customer requirements.
  • They just love that they can put in a small fill-in order on our website and they will get an email that same day that it has been shipped.
  • “I am the shipper/receiver at Galata Chemicals, and I want to comment on a couple of things…

Their online system is also a very nice and convenient way of tracking invoices and orders. I would highly recommend Freightera to anyone who likes to experience a smooth and easy… Freightera has excellent service, price and quality. I sent a pallet from Toronto to Quebec and the delivery time for the shipment was 24 hours.

New Penn Is Grateful To Have Such Dedicated Customers We Strive To Earn Our Customers Loyalty By Providing Them With Industry

Each year, Inbound Logistics selects the leading transportation providers that “best meet and surpass readers’… Read more about NEW PENN NAMED A 2017 TOP 100 TRUCKER. “Working with Legacy is a Breath of Fresh Air. Everyone is professional, well trained and extremely helpful.” You can not call a common carrier and get a rate, transit time and availability from one person. I first have to ask one person if they can load and deliver within the requested time restraints…then get a rate. Takes forever to do so….on the phone or via email.” Basically your business model is doing what I would consider is common sense stuff.

logistics company testimonials

The customer service was great throughout, including a nice follow-up. Years later, another career shift brought me to my current employer, a retailer with approximately 375 active small vendors, many of which use third-party warehouses. As a cost-savings strategy, the company had implemented a Transportation Management System to minimize LTL hits and bundle shipments together. This increased our need for pickups from multiple locations. It also increased the risk of service failures. For example, sometimes one truck will pick up from Jersey City, then Newark, then Trenton, and then Charlotte before arriving at a final destination. One delay or miscommunication can wreak havoc on the entire schedule.

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When we were in a pinch and our longtime carrier was unable to help us, we turned to Matchmaker Logistics. “On a Friday afternoon, one of our carriers dropped the ball and left us with a shipment that had to be moved from California to Oregon immediately. I called Matchmaker Logistics to see if they could come through for me, even though I had never asked them to handle this particular route before.

logistics company testimonials

Your professionalism, hustle, and integrity are greatly admired and appreciated. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. We look forward to growing our relationship up with you. Honestly, if it wasn’t for your resources Warrior wouldn’t be where we are today.

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